BATON ROUGE, La. – JuVaughn Harrison set historical marks in LSU men’s track and field in the 2021 NCAA Outdoor Championships, but one woman has been the reason he started the sport to begin with: his mother Georgia.

“I can always remember going to the track with my mom while she was in college. I can remember watching track with the family, watching the Olympics, hearing my mom cheer Jamaica on because she’s Jamaican. I was kind of the one cheering for U.S.,” JuVaughn said.

“The Jamaicans are running so I’m screaming on top of my voice. He’s like ‘what you in here screaming about?'” Georgia added.

Georgia did more than watch track and field. She has been a member of Alabama A&M’s Hall of Fame since 2014, after four All-American seasons as a hurdler and runner in the mid 1990s.

JuVaughn began in his mother’s footsteps, performing not only high jumps and long jumps, but hurdles as well. When LSU called however, he decided to carve out his own path.

“Coach Todd (Lane) asked him ‘What would you like to do? What events would you like to do?’ He was like ‘long jump, high jump.’ I was like ‘What? No hurdles? No running?’ I was a little bit hurt, but his choice,” Georgia jokingly recalled.

Her son’s decision led to a historical career thus far at LSU, but the time Georgia and JuVaughn spent together has led him down his historic path.

“When you are around an environment, and he sees it, it becomes part of you. I truly believe that it plays a big role for him to dive into it,” Georgia said.

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