BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — According to one study, the New Orleans Saints have had some of the least supportive fans in the league for the past three seasons.

Per a social media analysis by Canada Sports Betting, the Cleveland Browns had the least-supportive fans in the NFL, and their team’s loyalty ranking dropped 34%. New Orleans Saints fans were the second-least supportive, and the team saw a 28% drop in their loyalty ranking.

The Cincinnati Bengals have the most supportive fans, with an increase of 80% in interest around the team.

The company used more than 500 keywords since the 2020 season to find the NFL teams with the most and least supportive fanbases in the league.

“These keywords covered all aspects of support, including interest in team performance, searches for merchandise, individual player stats and, tickets for upcoming games,” according to a news release from Canada Sports Betting.