BATON ROUGE, LA (BRProud) — The Baltimore Ravens called Southern’s Camron Peterson late in the NFL Draft and told him they had a contract with his name on it.

Immediately after the draft’s conclusion Saturday night, Peterson signed with a franchise known as one of the league’s best defenses.

“It’s a childhood dream that’s really just come true. It’s something that’s becoming a reality now,” said Peterson.

That reality isn’t the same for many like Peterson. There was just one HBCU player drafted, and less than a dozen SWAC prospects signed by NFL teams as of Sunday. All of that motivates him.

“If they only wanted to draft one of us, we have to go out there and prove it now. It’s easy for us to sit here and talk and say what should have happened. Well what happened, happened. So now it’s up to us to capitalize and make the most of it,” said Peterson.

An opportunity for the 6’5 280 pound defensive lineman to prove himself arose at the HBCU Legacy Bowl. A week of practices and all-star game, similar to the Senior Bowl, in front of professional teams and scouts played a big part in NFL teams becoming familiar with Peterson.

“Having all those guys there to see how you work, how you practice, how you prepare and things like that translated for not just me, but a lot of guys who got an opportunity after the draft. So to have a great performance, to follow a dominant week of practice, I wouldn’t compare anything else to it,” said Peterson.

Now that dream for a kid from Morton, Mississippi who played at Southern University, is becoming a reality.

“I carry it on my shoulder, and I try to make sure that, you know, my last name and my school name are two things that are kind of motivating for those who come from similar small towns with similar backgrounds like me. I kind of always want to give that message. No matter where you come from or what circumstances you’ve been through, it’s possible.”