BATON ROUGE, La. – The SWAC pushed fall sports to the 2021 spring season due to the pandemic, but if the country doesn’t have a solution to COVID-19 by early next year, those delayed sports could still be cancelled.

“We depending on medicine and science to come up with a solution to this problem. If we have can’t get past this point and not able to have a vaccine or something that gives us confidence that we can move forward, then the spring will be in jeopardy also,” Southern Athletics Director Roman Banks said.

If football makes it to the spring, colleges will have to alter other sports schedules like baseball and even winter teams like basketball. However, some sports could lose their 2021 year altogether.

“Some teams may have to play a reduced number of games or schedule. We got to fit it all in. Some sports could possibly not play this year like baseball and softball so these are going to be conversations. We hope to try to provide the very best for all sports and all our student athletes, but this is going to have to be something that we work through,” Banks added.

The SWAC could take this year’s schedule and use it in the spring or move it to 2021, but Southern had five home games this season, the most in six years. Banks wants to do what’s best for the fans.

“We felt like we had a schedule that was very favorable that our fans wanted to see. Just to be penalized from that and think that we can put together a simple schedule and that go away, I don’t know if that’s satisfactory or not.”

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