BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — LSU Football has kept it traditional with their uniforms, which have become iconic throughout the college football landscape, but one company went outside of the box to create a ‘color-rush’ designed uniform for the Tigers.

AI designed the creation. AI is becoming more popular as people worldwide have used this feature to create uniforms and logo designs for their favorite sports teams.

Ryan Taylor and worked on a SEC project creating alternate uniform designs for each school in the conference, including LSU.

“The idea was to allow the AI program to be as ‘creative’ as it wanted, by keeping the text prompt very simple, and not giving it too many directions to follow,” said Taylor. “For example, you could tell it, ‘alternative uniform for LSU football, tiger stripes, silver, gold, and purple helmet’ and it would do its best to create that.”

LSU AI Football Uniform shows a player wearing gold football uniform with purple accents.
Employees at used the AI image tool Midjourney to create this alternative LSU uniform.

Taylor said an NFL project inspired them to continue designing these alternative uniforms, since several big NFL players are brand ambassadors and Oakley offers all the helmet visors for the league.

“The graphics were created using the AI image tool, ‘Midjourney,’ which uses text prompts in order to create images that can be simple or incredibly advanced,” said Taylor. “For example, there was no template, all we had to do for each SEC team, was give Midjourney a simple text prompt of ‘alternative uniform for LSU football.'”

The design ended up coming with an all-gold uniform concept with a ‘color rush’ style similar to what is seen in the NFL.

“I think the majority gold design with purple accents looks great, and I’m surprised more teams don’t match the jersey color with the pant, similar to the ‘color rush’ uniforms in the NFL,” said Taylor. “As for an all-gold LSU uniform, I definitely think you need some purple in there somewhere.”