METAIRIE, La. – Saints head coach Dennis Allen announced that Andy Dalton will start on Sunday against the Seahawk.

Quarterback Jameis Winston did not practice all week and is officially out from Sunday’s home game with back and ankle injuries. Andy Dalton, Taysom Hill and Jake Lutton were practicing short route passes with the running back this week.

Something you might see against the Seahawks, but regardless who plays, the Saints need to trust whoever is under center.

“I think because of our our front office, our management, hey know how to bring guys in the locker room. Who can step in into those roles and have success,” said Saints offensive lineman James Hurst.

“When you know James is out and Andy comes in, the confidence is there. All the guys on offense and defense, they have confidence in Andy to come in and do the job. Obviously we know Andy is a veteran player and has played a lot of really good football over the past few years,” said Hurst.

“Sometimes you’re playing to a guy’s strengths and some guys might not be able to do what another guy does,” said Saints captain and running back Alvin Kamara.

Seahawks Geno Smith threw 320 passing yards in last week’s win over the Lions.