METAIRIE, LA. – Drew Brees returns to the Superdome for the first time since his final game in January against the Bucs. The New Orleans legend will be crossing two firsts off his list on Thanksgiving and being honored at halftime and calling his first NFL game as a color analyst.

“It’s interesting to see Drew in a different space now. And we don’t just talk here at the facility, we talk off the field a lot. We’ve grown quite close off the field. And so it’s amazing kind of seeing him come back and (I) understand he’s going to be celebrated tomorrow at the game and the way he’s transitioned. That’s what we were catching up on a lot about, what is it like being on TV now full time, what’s the dynamics of that with the preparation, what that looks like and me just kind of hearing that world from him,” New Orleans saints linebacker Demario Davis.

“It’s amazing to see how he’s transitioned and it’s amazing that he’s coming back and being celebrated for all he’s done for this team and this city, which is just amazing. Incredible journey so super happy. Always happy when I get a chance to see him but we were just catching up,” said Davis.

Fans at the game will receive ‘Thank You Drew’ rally towels. If you submit video messages to the Saints there is a chance they will be played at halftime.