METAIRIE, La. – Michael Thomas is back. The star wide receiver got the go-ahead Wednesday morning from trainers that he was able to participate.

Thomas only caught passes during individual drills. He looked mobile and is confident he’s the same player he was in 2019.

“I don’t want to come out there and get emotional or anything, but it was a blessing to definitely be back out there with the guys,” said Thomas.

“Being able to put my head in the path. I’m going to be out there to protect my craft. I feel like I took the challenge head-on. I knew last night what I was going to have to do. Like I said, I like to handle my business.”

“I knew that I was going to pass that test, whether they do it or not.”

“I’m always up for a good challenge. I mean, I feel like you’re going to run into some challenges. You’re going to run into some adversity, but it’s about how you respond, how you come out on at the end. I took pride in that challenge. I’m still working day to day, putting a lot of work behind the scenes to take some mighty who did an incredible job rehab and they tail off to get back out here and be with us,” said Thomas.

“He’s a perfectionist and that helps my game because I can put my trust in him and he can put his trust in me,” said New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston.

“I know he’s one of the greatest receivers to play this game as of this date and he’s missed two years. You know what I’m saying? Like the facts don’t lie, right? I know what he’s capable of now. We both just got to get healthy and work together. That’s going to happen. With his experience and with him being able to be out there, and do as much as he did, and me being able to just see him, and work with him,” said Winston.

“Listen, Mike Thomas wants to be out here,” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen.

“He wants to help this team win games. That’s his whole mindset and his whole purpose. And he’s extremely driven to be able to do that. I think this is a good step in the right direction. We still got some things we’ve got to get accomplished, but it was good to have him out here on the first day,” said Allen.

Thomas is taking things slow and being cautious. He is not yet fully participated in team drills just yet.

“He’s a competitor,” said Thomas about Winston.

“He’s like the ultimate competitor. He always shows up ready to work. It’s like, you’re not going to work him. You’re not going to deny him. He’s always has that energy. He brings that energy and passion and you just feed off that and you know what’s expected and it and I feel like knowing that just that’s just like the reminder all you need,” said Thomas.