METAIRIE, La. — The New Orleans Saints offense continues to be hot and cold when it comes to finding their identity.

But one face of the game that remains a bright spot is the defense holding a powerful 49ers offense with a playmaker in every position to just 13 points with one touchdown is impressive. Linebacker Keaton Ellis has made a statement filling Pete Werner’s shoes.

He has a total of 38 tackles, 3.5 sacks, and one forced fumble through the last four games. Each game you feel like he had a little better recognition, just being able to kind of see how things unfold.

“Maybe that first game I was pretty locked in on, you know, my initial key, but now I know it kind of feels like each game you’re able to start seeing a little more, you know, your scope kind of expands, whether it be offensive linemen feet or stances or different formations just more than just what you’re supposed to be staying in every play,” said Kaden Elliss, New Orleans Saints linebacker. “You know, you kind of get a couple of tips, you know, they always say when the offense breaks formation, they’re telling you a story or you’re reading the book.”

The New Orleans Saints will face Tampa Bay on Monday night at Raymond James Stadium and if they want a chance of winning, they’re going to have to eliminate those penalties, turnovers, and fumbles.