METAIRIE, La. – Head coach Dennis Allen told media he opened his team meeting on Wednesday with a psychologist to let his players know about available resources if they want or need them to cope with Buffalo Bills safety Demar Hamlin’s tragic medical emergency.

The Bills safety went into cardiac arrest on Monday while playing against the Cincinnati Bengals. He was placed in a medically-induced coma afterward. He was reportedly awake, asking about the game, on Wednesday afternoon.

Saints tight end Lucas Krull was deeply affected by what happened Monday night when his former teammate at Pitt collapsed on the field.

“When that moment happened I mean, we all just — and I was sick to my stomach, tears, you know, fill my eyes. And, you know, I’m just gathering, you know, my thoughts, my prayers and then right now to the group chat with all my brothers. We’re all just like, oh, my God. Like, well, they talk about pray, pray, pray, what he means the community to Pitt, to Pittsburgh. I mean, you can’t say enough about how great of a man he is,” said Krull.

Other Saints players, like quarterback Andy Dalton, have donated to Chasin M’s Foundation. Hamlin’s charity helps raise money to buy toys for children in need. It passed its original $2,500 goal and is currently at $7 million.

“That’s just a small thing that we can do during this time, and it’s just to show our support, to see this thing get to in the millions and continue to grow. I think it’s something that, I mean, just shows that there’s so many people that want to support and love on him and his family and everything that they’re doing,” said Dalton.

“What we do, you know, on that field, it doesn’t define who you are as a person. The man is a great person,” said Krull. He said he’s blessed that the situation is looking OK.

The Saints’ message was the power of prayer. They urge everyone to continue to lift up Hamlin and to be vulnerable with one another.