METAIRIE, La. – The New Orleans Saints will face the challenge of mother nature as the Who Dat head north to Cleveland to play the Browns in Week 16.

The weather is projected to be -11 at First Energy Stadium. However, quarterback Andy Dalton is no stranger to the cold.

“It’s funny when you play in the AFC North for so long and the NFC North, it’s like you don’t ask any questions about the cold. Down here, everybody’s asking questions about the cold,” laughed New Orleans Saints quarterback Andy Dalton.

The teams will have chicken broth on the sidelines, parks, and heaters. 

“I can’t wait. I’m super excited. But this can’t be right. I remember playing in the snow or that cold, and so it’s just one of those. I’m from the northwest. I like being in the cold,” said New Orleans Saints offensive lineman Calvin Throckmorton.

Dalton also mentioned one way to battle the cold is ‘Just don’t think about it’ 

Mind over matter.