METAIRIE, La. – First round draft pick Trevor Penning is showing coaches during training camp that he wants the starting position as left tackle come September 11th. The 6’7″ 330lb offensive lineman is focusing on work in the passing game, specifically punch timing with his hands.

“Every day I’m trying to get 1% better. That’s kind of kind of my goal,” said New Orleans Saints left tackle Trevor Penning.

“You’re not going to become you’re not going to get adjusted in one day and one week over time, if you start stacking days up, you go from there. By the time week one comes around, you see where you’re at. I’m out there working technique. I’m trying to get better. The technique of the game and getting getting the blocks down and then, the finishing ability. That’s what I pride myself on. That’s always going to be part of my game.”

“It’s got to be down pat because you have two seconds before you get the line and the ball snaps and then when the ball snaps, it’s all done,” said New Orleans Saints left tackle James Hurst.

“He’s been around forever, so having a guy like that to lean on for advice and fix minor details. He can tell me about the game and what to expect. It’s been a real help. We’re competing, obviously, but I’m not I’m not too worried about that. I’m just trying to be one of the best five,” said Penning.

“Everybody’s trying to compete at a high level,” said New Orleans Saints head coach Dennis Allen.

“They’re trying to make a good impression on the on the coaching staff. That’s kind of part of it.”

Both Trevor Penning and James Hurst understand the importance of being competition and teammates at the end of the day.