METAIRIE, LA. – The million dollar question: Who will be the Saints starting quarterback in 2022? As of right now, the Saints only have two healthy quarterbacks on the roster..rookie Ian Book and Blake Bortles. 

As for the rest of the position group, Taysom Hill will undergo foot surgery this offseason, while Trevor Siemian is a free agent, and Jameis Winston is recovering from surgery, but also a free agent.

“Jameis is really loved in the locker room very respected what I would believe happens is that they bring him back and that they upgrade the town around him,” said John Hendrix Lead Writer/Reporter at Saints News Network for Sports Illustrated.

“If they bring Jameis back it’s going to be for him to be there starter. I don’t think they would go pursue another quarterback in that instance. If they let him see other offers in free agency, I think that means you’re looking at somebody in the draft or free agency or trade,” said Saints Beat Writer for

A few free agent quarterbacks that could potentially be impact players for the Saints include Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Kenny Pickett.

“Russell Wilson would be an absolute slam dunk in this offense,” said Hendrix.

“If you add somebody like the caliber of Russell Wilson to this roster they immediately become a Super Bowl favorite,” said Johnson.

“Do you invest that and then say maybe we use the draft picks on wide receivers to help?” said Hendrix.

“They have a roster right now that can compete for a Super Bowl and the only way to really do that to really give yourself a chance to have a top-of-the-line quarterback,” said Johnson.

“There’s also other quarterback need a teams like Pittsburgh is going to need a quarterback there’s other teams that are going to be moving different directions Carolina is going to need one because they’re not going to have Sam Darnold back there again and I don’t think him Newton is going to be the guy either. You look at Matt Ryan in Atlanta, he’s probably not going to play again next year. It’ll be surprising,” said Hendrix.

With questions swirling around whether or not Hill is an NFL starting quarterback. The stats don’t lie. The swiss army knife threw just four touchdowns shy of 1000 yards with five interceptions in the 2021 season. 

“He was dealing with a lot of physical issues in those games. An injury to your finger on your throwing hand like one of your dominant fingers not like your pinky finger that’s a really hard thing to overcome but I just don’t think he’s the guy if you’re going to try and win a Super Bowl,” said Johnson.

The Saints need to be strategic when filling their roster and it starts at quarterback. The safest route would be to re-sign Jameis Winston and lock down a starter. Next would be filling the rest of the roster with the cap space remaining and with early round draft picks.