BATON ROUGE, La. – Second-year head coach Jay Johnson remembers watching Dylan Crews since the Orlando native was 15 years old.

Although Dylan thought about entering the draft as a senior in high school, he knew it was always LSU. 

“People say that he had a high number. There was never a number. He wanted to come to school here. You can’t put a price tag on how you mature as a man. With what these guys go through every single day in the locker room and on the field,” said Dylan Crews’ father George Crews.

Johnson heard of Crews while coaching at Arizona. He knew just how good of a player the right-handed batter was. Things worked out for Crews. The outfielder is projected to be the number one overall pick in this year’s MLB draft. 

“Does he want to be drafted number one? Yeah, he wants to be drafted. The number one. Every kid wants to be drafted, number one, but you can’t think about that. Whatever happens, happens. We’ll be happy and fortunate and blessed when that day comes and he gets his name called and we’ll figure all that out in July or whatever,” said George Crews.

For now, Crews continues to work on his bat speed and elite ability to quickly identify anything thrown his way.

However, his offense isn’t what impresses his ole man the most. 

“George Crews: “The biggest thing for him that I’ve seen is his defense and that’s what I’m most proud of. I know he’s always been a hitter, but the defense is just pretty spectacular. That’s what I’m impressed with. I wish Jay would let him steal more (laughing) because he can steal some bases, but, you know, that will happen,” said George Crews.

When Dylan gets a chance to put the bat and glove down.. He’s taking care of his pet chinchilla and turtle.

“He’s had the chinchilla, since oh god that thing won’t die. It’s at our house, and she’s probably 12 years old, and crush his turtle. My mom bought him a turtle when he was two years old. He’s 20 years old now. That turtle is 18 years old,” said George Crews.

Or, maybe, I should say Mr. George is taking care of them.