BATON ROUGE, LA. – LSU Softball head coach Beth Torina enters the 2022 season with a group that has experienced what the big stage is like.

Almost every player from last year returns, and the Tigers are playing each game and each rep with a chip on their shoulder. 

“We have the whole FSU dogpile on our TVs,” said redshirt junior infielder Georgia Clark.

“The way last year ended it definitely put a spark under us,” said redshirt sophomore infielder Taylor Pleasants. 

The Purple and Gold ended 2021 in a heartbreaking loss to the Florida State Seminoles on their own turf at Tiger Park. However, LSU is using it as fuel to their fire.

“We’re going to go do weights and we’re going to do it to the best of our ability because maybe if we slacked off that one rep that might have been the difference between winning and losing,” said Pleasants. 

“The way last year ended gives us the highest amount of motivation I think it was a really rough ending it was a tough pill to swallow. We saw so many opportunities where we could’ve had the last game go differently. I think we’re working every day to get opportunities like that back and make sure we take care of the ones that are in front of us,” said LSU Softball head coach Beth Torina.

The difference between this year’s and last year’s team is chemistry. 

“This year is out best chance. We haven’t had many practices. It’s only been a week, but those practices have been that competitive. We look good. We’re bonding well. We’re complementing each other well. Everyone’s strengths and weaknesses align perfectly,” said Pleasants.

“We’re getting together a lot better. We gel. I think the youth really injects a lot into our team,” said Clark.

“We wanna make sure the end of the day were the one celebrating a Tiger Park. That we’ve done the job that we’ve earned the right to play here. That we earned the right to celebrate on our own field. We want to make sure we do our job, so the photos are constant reminders of just not letting it happen and defending our park,” said Torina.

Opening day for LSU is February 11th at Tiger Park. The first pitch will be against South Alabama.