BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — LSU catcher Alex Milazzo was a month into his first season of high school baseball at Zachary when he took a fastball to the mouth at the plate, breaking the entire front palate of his teeth.

“When he turned and looked at me, he was covered in blood. Looking back, that’s his favorite picture. He was like, ‘God, that’s the best picture ever,'” said Shannon Milazzo, Alex’s mother.

Photo credit: The Advocate

“At the time the newspaper took it, it was horrific. It was like, ‘Oh, my God, I cannot even believe they put this in the paper.’”

“Covered in blood, stood up,” Shannon continued. “When you talk about tough kids and things like that, I mean, he took this ball to the mouth, had no teeth in the front, teeth gone. Blood everywhere, had no idea like how bad it was. He was trying to get up to get to first base. Nobody really knows this, but he didn’t have real teeth until last year last summer.”

Alex’s toughness comes from his first love, football.  

“Baseball was something that Alex did when it was at football season. He really viewed himself as a football player, which I think really laid the foundation for him as a catcher. Later in life, kind of figured out that not a lot of room for five-foot-ten, 170-pound quarterbacks,” said Jimmy Milazzo, Alex’s father.

Playing college baseball at LSU? A pretty good trade-off. Wanting to wear a Florida jersey to an LSU football game? Not so much. 

“We were going to an LSU football game and Alex had a Tim Tebow number 15, authentic Tim Tebow jersey. And he says, ‘Dad, I’m wearing the Tim Tebow jersey.’ I said, ‘You are not wearing a Tim Tebow jersey to the LSU-Florida football game.’ I wouldn’t let him do it. Just wouldn’t let him do it,” said Jimmy.  

Alex’s dad won that battle. His parents said there was a sign that Alex was destined to play baseball for the LSU Tigers from birth. 

“One of my softball player’s parents sent me purple and gold flowers and said, ‘Hope to see him play at Alex Box Stadium one day,’ so we named him Alex and it kind of stuck. It’s ironic, we laugh about it now, but his initials are ARM and he’s kind of known for having a very strong arm,” said Shannon.

After a frustrating season of injuries, his arm will get a second chance next season.