WATSON, LA. – Denham Springs is just one of five high schools participating in 7-on-7 games at Live Oak. Yellowjackets quarterback Reese Mooney is focusing on improving mechanics this summer, specifically his footwork.

“Pocket movements. Getting out and stuff like that. It does transition towards the field. Just gets my feet in the right position. If you have bad feet, you’re going to have bad mechanics. If you have bad mechanics, you’re not going to put the ball where you want it to,” said Denham Springs quarterback Reese Mooney.

“Reese’s game physically is very good. The kid can play. He can make every throw on the field, which in itself puts you in a position to be successful. We just have to work on Reese getting more comfortable in his reads. Going through his progressions, trust them. Trusting those guys to run the routes, let it happen and take what the defense gives you. Just get the job done. As he gets more and more comfortable with that kid, with the physical ability like he has, he’s got a chance to be special,” said head coach of Denham Springs football, Brett Beard.

“We got a big season ahead of us and I just want to win the state championship,” said Mooney.

Denham Spring quarterback Reese Mooney (1).

“Our big step right now is we want to get better than we were last year. We want to get to that Thanksgiving week. I think I’ve always been at Lambeau and even at Denver Springs and the Livingston Parish, you know, you really become a top tier elite program when you can consistently get that Thanksgiving week. When you’re one of those final eight and you’re practicing that Thanksgiving week, that’s where you become a program of success and you begin a tradition and you have respect. I think getting to Thanksgiving is critical. That’s one step better than what we wore last year. Ultimately at that point, anybody can beat anybody. You have to finish a job win a state championship and get to the dome,” said coach Beard.