BATON ROUGE, LA. – Iron sharpen Iron football camp is a chance for high school players across the state of Louisiana to prepare for the college camps that they will attend throughout the summer.

“You come here, get those tools and take that there (college camps). The whole month of June is dedicated to college camps, so we want to prepare them to make sure when you go out, it’s a real thing. If you want change, you got to be the change,” said organizer and talent development coach James Washington.

“Just getting better on your form and working on how to get in and out of releases and getting more physical when it comes to one-on-one with a certain defensive back,” said wide receiver from Catholic High School Amari Clayton.

“Anything you want to do, it takes work. It’s easy to sit at home and not put the work in. My whole thing is I don’t want you to look back and have regrets and think ‘maybe I should’ve worked a little bit harder’. We’re going to provide you with great coaching and great teaching,” said Washington.

“Iron is the only thing you can sharpen on here. Working with somebody is as good as the level as you like James and these other quarterbacks, it’s like you’re competing. That’s what it means to me. Compete. Get better. Don’t let anything faze you. Learn from your mistakes. That’s what it means in my life,” said quarterback from Madison Prep Tylan Johnson.

“These guys are division one athletes. You’ll see them on Saturday. Some you might see on Sundays in the future,” said Washington.

A lot of talent comes from camps like this, so keep an eye out for these players this fall.