BATON ROUGE, LA. – The second-seeded Southern Lab Kittens are set to take on top-seeded Ouachita Christian in the Division 4 Final. The teams were scheduled to play at UL’s Cajun Field, but after a request by Kittens Director Herman Brister Jr. the non select schools could be playing at Caesar’s Superdome in New Orleans.

“It is very huge that you can get an opportunity to play in the Superdome as high school students. Some guys will never ever be able to do that again,” said head coach Darryl Asberry.

“You can’t ask for a better opportunity. You don’t get these opportunities every day. It’s a slim to none chance that you make it to the league so even just playing in the Superdome just gets pumped up. If you’re not pumped up for that you don’t need to have a Southern Lab on your chest. You don’t even need to be playing football you’re not excited to play in the New Orleans Saints Superdome,” said senior Herman Brister III.

The kittens aren’t worried about where they play it’s what they’re playing for.

“We could have played across the street from the school like my dad (Director Herman Brister Jr.) and Coach said it doesn’t matter where we play. Someone has to losing someone Hass to win. We’re gonna go out at wherever we play. So that doesn’t matter. Location doesn’t matter. It would be a nice opportunity to play in a dome but like they said footballs football wherever it is,” said Brister.

“Either way if we play at ULL or the Superdome we have one goal in mind and that is to win. If we play in the Superdome that’s good. It’s a good field in New Orleans, but if we play at ULL we still have to put the work in,” said senior Angelo Izzard.

As of now, the teams are on standby waiting to see what the pending request will result in.