BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — As football season nears coaches are doing what they have to do, to take precautions because of the extreme heat Louisiana has been experiencing.

Every day it seems like we’re over a hundred and five degrees temperature or something like that, so we have to do a good job of modifying our practices,” said Head coach Landry Williams.

The Louisiana Department of Health released an update with a total of 25 people dead from heat related causes, but Head Coach Landry Williams at Madison Preparatory is staying ahead of the game.

The protocol happens to be where we limit our practice times making sure we have an ample amount of water breaks within a practice period. Things of that nature to make sure everybody can play safe and get home safely,” said Williams.

Due to the equipment and uniform needed in football, most of the heat problems have been associated with the sport. When players get overheated, they are more likely to experience Heat cramps, and Heat Exhaustion… and that’s where the Athletic trainer comes in.

“Any kind of dizziness, any kind of slurred speech, any kind of Un coordination, stumbling things like that. When they feel something like that, they need to let me and the coaches know so that we can take the appropriate protocol to make sure those symptoms subside, or we just completely hold them out of practice,” said Athletic Trainer Christian Colburn.

Madison Prep’s first game of the season is Sept. 1 and football leaders say they’ll keep the team focused and hydrated.