METAIRIE, La. (BRPROUD) – The Saints offense is starting to develop a common trend through two weeks: starting slow and relying on their defense to keep them in the game in the first half before finally clicking in the second half. That has resulted in consistent struggles and problems in the red zone.

The Saints’ red zone efficiency sits at a 37.5%, fourth worst in the NFL and only better than the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Jets and Houston Texans.

Although frustrated with some of the results, New Orleans is still confident in the offense and believes they’re on the doorstep of starting fast and scoring more touchdowns.

“There’s no lack of confidence,” Derek Carr, Saints quarterback, said. “We were able in the second half to get some good plays, even Chris on… we had a great little screenplay. He scored, stepped out of bounds, but we would have felt a lot better if that one goes in, right? Oh, we threw one in, but we ended up keeping the drive going. Hit another completion. We run it. I felt like we’ve made good corrections. I feel like we’re getting better. Now, it’s just about executing. I can’t wait until we hit, one day, four for four, in there and we’re all high-fiving out here, like, there it is. I sure hope so because as a quarterback, the worst thing is like the same question. Like, golly, there’s so we’re like, this close. I’m just being so happy about it. You know what I mean?”

The Saints have yet to score a first half touchdown this season. That’s something the team wants to change this week at Lambeau Field.