BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) — The associate athletic director at LSU explains the details of NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) deals for student-athletes.

“We at LSU have been doing a lot of things prior to NIL to help our student-athletes brand themselves and figure out who they are going to be after their sport is done,” said Taylor Jacobs, LSU Associate Athletic Director.

Several LSU athletes are rolling in endorsement deals, or NILs, which is a type of contract that allows student-athletes to be compensated for marketing. Something LSU has been in support of since a landmark ruling against the NCAA in 2014.

“With the O’Bannon versus NCAA case, they sided against the NCAA and the courts and ruled in favor of the student-athletes. So that was when we really started having conversations about how student-athletes felt they were missing opportunities,” said Jacobs. “So, they could not be used as a recruiting inducement, which everyone chuckles at, could not be used as pay for play, the institution cannot pay the student-athlete directly and there must be quid-pro-quo, so the athlete has to do something in exchange for the money.”

Jacobs said in 2021 the NCAA released those four rules for NIL deals.

Jacobs said this limited the state law for student-athletes. In 2022, LSU chose to amend the law to make it less restrictive and more aligned with the NCAA’s rules.

“We removed a lot of excess language, we added a protection of public records request when it comes to the transaction of their deals,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs also mentioned an independent collective for NIL opportunities. She said it’s a pool fund from boosters and businesses. LSU Athletic’s official collective partner is the Bayou Traditions they raise money to provide NIL deals to LSU-selected athletes. They make NIL deals more accessible, allowing students to gain finance and business experience without compromising their studies and sports.