AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Day 1 of Practice Rounds for the Masters underway Monday at Augusta National Golf Club. And patrons have to go back to basics if they want to return home with pictures.

During practice rounds at the Masters, patrons are allowed to take photos. And since cell phones are not allowed on the Augusta National grounds, many patrons opted to dust off their old cameras to capture the moment.

“We’ve had it as a family,” said Billy Rushing. “You know, just a part of the family and things like that, so we had to get it back out to find out how to use it again!”

Billy Rushing told us the last images on his family’s camera were from a 2012 trip to Israel.

“You know, they hold to their traditions and they want people to have this experience and it’s not about the cellular devices,” said Rushing. “I’m great with that.”

And even though the Elmores are missing their phones, they said they wouldn’t miss a chance to get photos of the legendary course.

“He had his go-pro, so he was able to get a few snaps,” said Kathy Elmore.

Robert Munari has been coming to the Masters for more than two decades.

His first visit to Augusta National was in the 90s. 

“And I came out with an Icon F35mm,” said Munarie. “Six rolls of film. It wasn’t enough.”

He says he’s got old photos of golfer Justin Rose.

“I saw Arnold Palmer out, you know, under the umbrellas,” said Munari. “So, I had to run and get a picture of him…”

And as he was doing that, he said he ran into a woman in a green jacket.

It was Condoleezza Rice.

“I was right in her face like this. And what do you say?” said Munari. “‘Excuse me, Madame Secretary!’”

Munari said he’s captured more than 6,000 images during the Masters on his film and digital cameras over the years- memories to last a lifetime.

Once the tournament begins, patrons are no longer able to bring their cameras. So patrons will have to savor the moment and take whatever photos they want during the three days of practice rounds.