AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Watching these golfers is a dream come true for thousands of patrons. The beautiful course is also why many people go. And don’t forget the fashion.

It is a sight to see at Augusta National, for sure. From young to older, patrons here are definitely showing up in style. 

“It’s my first time coming, said Gabriele Watts. “So I had to look good! Something had to match my swag.” 

The Masters is well-known as picturesque- from its rolling course to its beautiful florals. 

But beyond the fairway…Augusta National also has a runway.

“I just think it’s perfect because of the florals, bright color,” said Ellie Kahley. “And I also have the Masters pro shop hat. And I just think it’s a really cute fit because it obviously stands out.”

The “looks” are looking…and the “‘fits” are fitting.

Patrons stepped onto the grounds in their most comfortable- and fashionable- outfits on the first day of tournament. 

“I chose my mine ‘cause I thought it looked like I play golf ‘cause it’s a little romper and thin so I wouldn’t get too hot,” said Chloe Kahley. “And it’s my favorite color.”

From as far as you could see, patrons were turning heads in some of the most fabulous ‘fits of the day.

Some saying they chose garments that would make them feel good.

“‘Cause then it just, like, boosts me and just gives me a better sense of urgency,” said Ellie.

Watts said she got her fashion sense from her grandmother.

“And she said a hat would look good with my outfit,” said Watts. “So, I chose the outfit. And I chose a shirt to match the hat.”

One patron chose from a few of her custom-made dresses.

“This is the only one with the green on it,” said Chi Nguyen. “So, I figured for today…for the Masters.” 

And even the men came out to slay on the runway.

“I had to bring out the azalea shirt for the Masters, yea?” said Ryan Holody. “All the flowers out here matches and I had this shirt in my closet for a while and figured this would be a perfect time to bring it out.”

“I got the Bogey Bays by Macklemore,” said Trent Boyd. “Nice polo- I like the little two-tone collar. Nice, classic shorts. And then, you know, I gotta represent the Dads so I got some nice New Balance white Dad shoes on.”

Patrons here at the Masters also mentioned the importance of choosing sun protective items as part of their wardrobe for the day.