METAIRIE, La. (BRPROUD) — The New Orleans offense has struggled with being on the same page all season. Those frustrations seemed to hit a boiling point in last Thursday’s loss to the Jaguars, with emotions being worn on the Saints’ sleeves, including a very animated quarterback, Derek Carr.

The Saints say it’s easy to point fingers from the outside, however, they’re remaining together as they work towards getting on the same page, having conversations, and becoming the team they believe they can be. 

“I was Facetiming all the guys on offense, talking to all the guys, the leaders, the things and we’re demanding from each other,” said Saints quarterback Derek Carr. “We’re encouraging one another. We don’t have to hide and not talk about it. Let’s just get it out there. What’s your problem? What’s my problem? What’s our problem? Now, how do we fix it?

“We put it out there, we said what we needed to say. Everyone felt good leaving the conversation. There’s no pointing fingers. My takeaway was unity and a lot of guys solving problems, not just saying we were, we really… were putting the work in.”

“We’re absolutely together,” said Erik McCoy, Saints center. “I mean, sometimes you got to show a little tough love. That’s just how it is. I mean, I think everybody on the offense wants to get the problem fixed. They want to be part of the solution. So, I mean, there’s not a reason for concern.”

The Saints say they have started to look at how they prepare through the week as one way to get back on the same page. That includes in how they meet and how they practice, including maybe spending extra time out on the field together, and getting those extra reps in.