CHALMETTE, La. (WGNO) —Saints fans are celebrating a big win after defeating the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday afternoon. A local supermarket in Chalmette is showing its team spirit with something sweet and a side of petty.

Although a taste of victory is sweet for Saints fans, it might leave a bitter taste for Atlanta Falcons fans.

On Monday, the store’s bakery created a ‘Fail Cake’ in honor of the Saint’s 27-26 comeback victory over the Saint’s biggest rival. The cake shows the scoreboard of the last 11 minutes of Sunday’s game when Atlanta was leading the way 26-10. The black, gold, and white were able to pull themselves together in the last few minutes to end up on top which shocked many Atlanta fans.

Prior to the game, employees at the supermarket created another ‘Fail Cake’ commemorating Superbowl 51, where the Falcons lost to the Patriots with a 28-3 lead at the end of the third quarter. The Patriots overcame the 25-point deficit and ended with a 34-28 victory.

The Breaux Mart location in Chalmette is baking the custom ‘Fail Cakes,’ for football fanatics throughout the season. According to a post made on Facebook, the prices vary based on the size and the flavor. To order your custom “Fail Cake,” call (504) 262-0750.