SANDESTIN BEACH, FL. (BRPROUD) — During the Southeastern Conference spring meetings, SEC officials released a new field rushing policy.

A group was selected in November 2022 to review and update policies to address field storming in the SEC as well as support crowd management, SEC said. New policies have been added to the current one and went into effect immediately.

The new policies include:

  • Each SEC school must provide security around each team and game officials before, during and after the game
  • The general public should not have access to the area where teams and officials are dropped off
  • In the event of a field rush, law enforcement is required to secure a path off of the court/field for the visiting team
  • In the event of a field rush, the visiting team must move to the locker room without completing the post-game handshake
  • Communicate to the fans and students to avoid rushing the field/court
  • A penalty for a field rush results in fines paid to the visiting school
    • First offense – $100,000
    • Second offense – $250,000
    • Third and repeating offenses – $500,000

The policy also states if the visiting team and game officials are not on the field/court, a penalty can be avoided.