METAIRIE, La. (BRPROUD) — The New Orleans redzone offense is much improved over the past three weeks, that’s in part to the use of what the team calls their unicorn, Taysom Hill.  Hill has five touchdowns in the last three weeks after not scoring in the first six. 

Running back Alvin Kamara previously referred to the redzone package with Hill as their version of the tush push; opponents know it’s coming, but can’t stop it. It’s clear, among Hill’s teammates, that having him on the field is a major advantage. 

“That’s the uniqueness of Taysom Hill,” said Dennis Allen, New Orleans Saints head coach. “Every time he’s on the field, he’s affecting the game in some form or fashion.”

“Seems like when Taysom’s running here, throwing here, blocking here, kind of all those different looks we’re having success on offense,” said James Hurst, Saints left guard. “When he comes out on the field, you know, the defense from a huddle situation, they don’t know what position he’s going to play. Just having him out there is huge, a huge boost to the offense because it provides so much unpredictability for the defense.”

“Having him on the field at all times, you know is major,” said Marcus Maye, Saints safety. “You can line up anywhere. He can get anything done. I mean, he’s definitely like a unicorn.”

Hill also surpassed an NFL milestone in last Sunday’s win over the Bears. He is the first player in 66 years to have 10 passing, rushing and receiving touchdowns each.