During this stay at home order many are trying to figure out how to cut or style their hair from home. 

WVLA/WGMB’s Kennedi Walker spoke with a Baton Rouge hair stylist who came up with a new way to help her clients.

Brittany Kimble is a hair stylist in Baton Rouge. She used to have multiple customers a day, but now her once packed salon is empty.

“It’s my passion, it’s my job, so it was very devastating to learn we weren’t going to be operating anymore,” Kimble said.

Thousands of salons and barber shops are closed due to the states stay at home order. This left stylists and their clients in a bind.

“What inspired me was the overwhelming calls from my clients who were in dire need of what to do with their hair,” Kimble said.

So, Kimble came up with a solution. Since she can’t do her clients hair in her salon. She is bringing the salon to them via video chat.

“To make them feel beautiful and to help them, I would just give them a call and go down a list of different things I can do or show them online how to do their hair,” she said.

Kimble teaches her clients how to do their hair free of charge and her clients are thrilled.

“I can’t do anything to my hair by myself, so just being able to speak with her is a big help,” Jovan Aaron said. 

“It’s very convenient,” Xavier Dominic said. 

Kimble says many are having a tough time dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, so she’s happy to help take one small thing off their plate.

Kimble says she can’t wait until the stay at home order is lifted so she can finally see her clients in person again.