Southern University students told to pay fine for unknown dorm issue, immediately


Posted outside of a suite doors in Grandison hall, parents of southern university students say, someone has some explaining to do.

“Actually, I thought it was a scam or some kind of prank.”

The letter points to an incident that happened on April 15, saying all students living in the dorm would be fined $25.

“It simply says, you violated, well violated what? What are we talking about?”

Unsure of what actually happened, a parent who wished to remain anonymous said, Southern housing department’s action is premature.

“They seem to be applying some sort of buckshot strategy to this problem. They can’t determine who did it so all of you owe 25 and you don’t have any say so in this.”

In a statement, the university said, “if there is repeated littering on a floor or outside of a dorm area, all residents get a warning and fines are accessed. Saying, a community bathroom inside the dorm was damaged and needed repairs. But parents say, their children never received a written warning.

“Neither he nor his dorm mate have any such recollection of a physical letter. There’s no paper history or digital history of what this alleged violation is.”

Thought the university now says no fines have been billed to any students. Parents say, the university should not use money as a scare tactic.

“I would like a clear explanation since they issued it in a written form.”

Southern University’s full statement

  • The letter received by residents of the dormitory details a community fine.

  • Community fines are standard for residential communities and areas on campus when a community facility or community grounds are damaged. For example, if there is repeated littering on a floor or outside of a dorm area, all residents get a warning and fines are accessed if it continues after repeated warnings. In this case, a community bathroom in the residential hall was extremely damaged and required extensive repairs. This was after warnings about other incidents in the bathroom. Hence, the “fine” letter went to all residents. See Section IV of the residential housing contract:

  • No fines have been billed to any residents. 
  • If and when someone does come forward to take responsibility for the action(s), that resident will be fined.

  • As for the April date on the letter, that was a typo. 

If you need further information regarding housing policies and housing communications, Mrs. Abraham can provide such tomorrow when she returns to campus.

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