Friday: Today will be hot & sunny for much of the day. Highs will reach 92 degrees in Baton Rouge with heat index values in the mid-90s. Clouds will move in after sunset tonight with lows near 70 degrees. 

Saturday: Rain returns tomorrow with more sunshine. Showers and thunderstorms are timed for the evening and will be scattered in coverage. Highs still reach the low-90s before storms move in. 

Sunday-Monday: Things get even wetter on Sunday and Monday with numerous to widespread rain expected. We will have to watch these days for heavy rainfall and possible flood conditions. Highs will be limited to the mid-80s. Saharan dust will be moving in around this time which means we could see some colorful sunsets and also dirty rain. 

Tuesday-Thursday: Scattered rain chances will continue through Thursday with highs in the upper-80s. All of the rain should help with current drought conditions.