Tonight: Some clouds will roll into the area with another hard freeze expected. Overnight lows will again be in the teens and lower 20s. Winds will still be breezy around 10 miles per hour from the north that will drop wind chills to the teens. A wind chill advisory is in effect until Saturday morning. 

Saturday – Sunday: Afternoon highs will barely reach above freezing for a few hours before falling again to the low 20s on Saturday. Skies will at least be mostly sunny during the day. Christmas day will finally have slightly warmer highs in the mid 40s after a frigid morning with hard freeze criteria met as lows will be in the lower 20s. 

Make sure to protect the four P’s: People, pets, plants, and pipes. If proper precautions are not taken, pipes may burst, animals can suffer or die, and people can get hypothermia.   

Next Week: Gradual warming will occur during the next week towards New Years with temperatures closer to average. There looks to be the potential for showers and thunderstorms during the back half of the week. 

Check out our weather alert article for more information about the upcoming cold snap and how to best prepare for it.