Today: More rain will return today. Storm coverage will be around 60-70% in the afternoon with most of the morning remaining dry. Highs will warm into the upper-80s. 

Tuesday-Wednesday: Wet weather remains mid-week with scattered to numerous showers and thunderstorms. Highs also remain in the upper-80s. 

Thursday-Friday: While the wet weather does stick around for the end of the week, the coverage in storms will be more spotty. This should allow a little more sunshine and highs to warm to near 90 degrees. 

Saturday-Sunday: This weekend coverage in storms will increase yet again, with the risk of heavier rain coming with it. High will be limited below 90 degrees. 

Tracking the Tropics: There are 4 tropical waves to watch in the Atlantic. I will list them in order of concern.  

Wave 1: This wave is located in the eastern Caribbean. While it only has a 20% chance of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm, it is the closest to home and needs to be monitored closely. 

Wave 2: This wave has a 50% chance of development in the next 48 hours and an 80% chance of doing so in the next 5 days. It is in the open Atlantic and is expected to track north of the Caribbean Sea. 

Wave 3: This wave is moving off of the west coast of Africa and has a 30% chance of development in the next 5 days. 

Wave 4: This wave is east of Bermuda and has a 10% chance of development in the next 48 hours. It is of no concern to North America.