Today-Sunday: Enhanced moisture to our south over the Gulf of Mexico  will lead to continued daily showers and thunderstorms. The farther north you are, the less you will see. Despite this, everyone has decent chances of rain each day. Grab those umbrellas! With all the rain we’ve already seen, a small risk of flooding will linger on Thursday, Friday and Saturday due to more widespread coverage of the rain expected. Highs will be in the upper-80s. 

Independence Day: We’ll have hit-or-miss showers and thunderstorms on 4th of July. A little early to tell the exact timing and if it will clear out in time for fireworks, but let’s hope so! The good news with all the rain means fires will be less likely with everything so wet. 

Tracking the Tropics: The National Weather Service has designated the tropical wave in the Caribbean Sea as Potential Tropical Cyclone #2. It could become Tropical Storm Bonnie before making landfall in Central America. It will continue tracking due west towards Nicaragua and Costa Rica where it could make landfall as a tropical storm. This is not a threat to Louisiana, and will move into the Pacific Ocean. The same goes for another tropical wave following in its wake with a 10% chance of development in the next 5 days. Another disturbance has a chance of developing in the Gulf of Mexico (40% chance in the next 5 days) before moving onto the Texas coastline. This will most likely just cause increased daily rain chances along the Gulf coast, including here in Louisiana.