Today: Today will be mostly sunny and mostly dry with highs reaching around 95 degrees. The heat index will be much higher near 105 to 110 thanks to strong humidity. A HEAT ADVISORY will be in effect because of this heat from 10am to 7pm today. There is still a small chance for storms today, but it is looking unlikely. If any do occur, they will likely develop farther to the north. Overnight lows should dip into the mid-70s again with mostly clear skies. 

Tomorrow: Wednesday will likely be hot again with highs in the mid-90s. A sunny start will lead to partly cloudy skies in the afternoon, however isolated storms may occur, especially for areas in or close to Mississippi, in the evening. 

Thursday-Friday: The end of the work week will be very with numerous to widespread storms for the northern half of our area, whereas the southern half of our area will see scattered to spotty showers and storms. Some of the storms could have heavy downpours associated with them, which may lead to isolated flooding concerns. A MARGINAL (¼) RISK for flash flooding has been issued for Thursday because of this. Highs will be limited to the mid-upper 80s thanks to the rain and increased cloud cover. 

Saturday-Sunday: This weekend will continue scattered rain chances in the afternoons with highs near 90 degrees. 

Tracking the Tropics: A new tropical wave has been highlighted for possible development. There is a wave in the Caribbean that is expected to track over Central America and into the Bay of Campeche where it has a 20% chance of developing into a tropical depression or tropical storm in the next 5 days.