The coldest temperatures of the season so far will be here tonight into tomorrow morning. Overnight lows will range in the 30s and 20s. North of the 10 and 12 where there is a hard freeze (bright purple below), lows can be as low as 25° F. Along and south of the 10 and 12, there is a freeze warning (dark purple below) where lows will be in the upper 20s and low-to-mid 30s (southern parishes).

Both the hard freeze and freeze warnings are valid between 10 PM CST tonight until 8 AM CST tomorrow morning. Widespread frost is expected during the overnight hours.

A hard freeze warning is issued when temperatures will be at or below 25° F for several hours. These temperatures are enough to freeze water in pipes.

A freeze warning is in place with temperatures at or below 32° F for several hours.

How To Prepare

When freezing weather occurs, it is important to protect the four P’s: people, pets, plants, and pipes. Check on the elderly and children to make sure they are warm though the night. Remember to bring your pets inside. If you have plants that are sensitive, bring them inside or cover them.

Areas in the hard freeze warning, where temperatures could be low enough to freeze water pipes, precautions might want to be made to prevent those pipes from bursting. Current forecast lows are around 25° F to 28° F which are just above that pipe freezing level.

Be aware of signs that your pet is too cold as well.