Wednesday-Friday: After all of the rain yesterday, the soil will be very moist and unable to absorb heavy amounts of rainfall in short periods of time. This, however, is exactly what could happen today. Numerous to widespread showers and thunderstorms are expected in the afternoon and evening. Some of the rain could come down in quick heavy spurts, leading to flash flood concerns. Because of this, there is a SLIGHT RISK (2/4) for isolated flash flooding. Highs will be limited to the upper-80s on Wednesday due to the increase in rain coverage. If you thought Wednesday was wet or if it doesn’t end up being as wet as forecasted, Thursday will certainly be worse. The heaviest rain is expected on Thursday, which will also lead to another risk for flash flooding. Highs are only expected to reach the mid-80s on Thursday. We’ll see changes late on Friday. The afternoon could still see some heavy downpours, but drier air moves in in the evening, allowing showers to dissipate early. 

Saturday-Sunday: Over the weekend, daily storms are still expected. However, coverage will only be spotty thanks to drier air moving in. This leads to warmer temperatures back in the low-90s starting Saturday.  

Monday-Tuesday: Spotty rain continues Monday and becomes scattered (50%) in coverage on Tuesday. 

Tracking the Tropics: There is a tropical wave in the Atlantic that has a 30% chance of developing into a tropical depression or storms in the next 5 days. It is still very far out in the Atlantic, so nothing to be concerned with for now.