Tonight: Partly cloudy, warm and humid. Morning lows near 75 degrees. 

Thursday & Friday: Widely scattered to scattered storms are possible mainly during the afternoon and early evening hours. Otherwise, it’s going to be hot and a touch more humid. Feels like temperatures will be over 105 degrees. This can lead to dangerous conditions outdoors if proper precautions are not taken to beat the heat.  

Weekend: Rain chances remain rather low through the weekend, although a couple of pop up storms cannot be ruled out. The heat will continue to be an issue for our area. Heat indices will be over 105. There will likely be heat advisories in place – which is something to keep in mind if you will be outdoors at any point this weekend. Temperatures will continue to trend well-above normal. 

Next Week: Temperatures will likely be well-above normal in the mid and upper 90s. Some areas may even come close to topping out at 100 degrees. Either way, heat indices will be well over 100. Very low rain chances.