A strong cold front will move into the Baton Rouge metro and surrounding areas late Wednesday night through Thursday morning. This will bring the chance for severe weather, as well as a major drop in temperatures. Additionally, there is a threat for light freezing rain Thursday night and into Friday morning.

Severe Weather Threat

When: Line of storms will move from northwest to southeast through our area after midnight. Since this will be an overnight threat, make sure you have multiple ways to receive warnings and ones that will wake you up, if needed.

Potential Risks: Damaging wind gusts, lightning, heavy rain, and possibly a brief tornado or two

Winter Weather Threat

Winter Weather Advisory has been issued for our entire area from 6 PM Thursday through 12 PM Friday.

When: Very light rain may move into the area Thursday evening/night through early Friday morning. If temperatures drop at or below freezing while the rain is in our area, we could be dealing with rain freezing on surfaces. Temperature profiles may even be low enough for sleet/ice pellets.

Potential Risks: Patches of light ice, accumulations generally less than 0.10″ – Even light accumulations could lead to slick spots on bridges. Precipitation will end by daybreak on Friday, but temperatures will be slow to warm, which means any ice accumulations may be slow to melt.

*This will not be a widespread issue, but patches of ice will be possible. This will not be like the 2021 Ice Storm.

Cold Weather

When: Starting Thursday morning, temperatures will be lower than 50 degrees. Temperatures will fall into the 30s and 40s Thursday afternoon, but it will feel much colder thanks to a stiff wind out of the north. Overnight temperatures will drop into the upper 20s to lower 30s. High temperatures will only be in the lower 40s on Friday. Wind chills will be in the upper teens and 20s.

A moderate to hard freeze is expected Friday night as temperatures plummet into the mid and upper 20s. This means we will need to protect people, pets, plants, and pipes. Wind chills will be in the upper teens and 20s again. Thankfully, sunshine will return by Saturday, but it will still be chilly. Another moderate freeze is expected Saturday night and a light freeze Sunday night.

Next Week: Temperatures start to moderate into the mid and upper 50s before another cold front moves in by the middle half of the week.