Precipitation chances return this weekend as bringing some cold rain on Saturday, but leaving Sunday mostly dry and cool. Temperatures will slowly warm up as we head into the end of next week.


A surface trough and weak low pressure over the Southwestern Gulf will slightly move north closer to the coast by Saturday. Southwesterly flow in the upper levels will help move an area of rain towards Southern Louisiana. Some passing showers (mostly drizzle) are possible in the early morning hours along with cloud cover increasing.

On and off rain with move inland by the late morning and inch closer to the 10 and 12 corridor as the day goes on. Towards the night, high pressure to the north will help push the rain to the southeast as it lightens up. Some showers may remain into the night.

In terms of rainfall, totals will be relatively light overall. In the beginning of the day, the most moisture remains in the mid to upper levels in the atmosphere. Dry air near the surface will allow for virga. That indicates that clouds are producing rain, but it is evaporating before it reaches the surface. As the day goes on, rain falling in the mid-levels will eventually saturate the low-levels and moisture will increase. Once this happens, rain drops will reach the surface.

The beginning of the day, rain will start as this virga/drizzle, then it will move northward where raindrops will then be able to reach the ground.

Overall, rain will occur for most of the day; however, it will be light. Rain totals of 0.25″ to 0.5″ near and north of the 10 and 12 corridor are expected. Totals of 0.5″ to 0.75″ are likely in areas closer to the coast. Pockets of around 1″ are possible, but nothing widespread.

Looking at temperatures, rain and cloud cover will help keep highs below average. The day will start out with morning lows in the mid 30s in the northern parishes and counties while areas south of the 10 and 12 will see upper 30s and low 40s. High temperatures will struggle to warm, only reaching into the low 50s.

If your heading to the LSU’s final home game, make sure to dress for some cold, damp weather. Temperatures will begin to drop into the mid 40s by kickoff and some passing, light showers are possible during the game. Make sure to bring the poncho and long sleeve jackets.


Rain from Saturday will mostly move out before Sunday morning, leaving the day mostly dry. A few lingering showers are possible early in the morning. Mid to upper-level clouds will persist over the area throughout the day. Sunshine may peak through the clouds a bit.

Temperatures will remain cold in the morning with lows in the upper 30s and low 40s. Areas north of the 10 and 12 could see lows closer to the mid 30s. Highs will be in the mid 50s.

Looking Ahead

By late Monday, there is a slight chance for some showers with cloud cover. Models are suggesting a cold front moving through by Thursday. Some models are disagreeing on how much rain is associated with the frontal passage. Confidence will increase as time gets closer.

Temperatures will slowly get warmer into next week with highs getting into the mid to upper 60s by Thanksgiving.